Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Hasbro's Cloverfield Movie Monster Has Been Canceled!!

By now, you have gotten home and opened your e-mail to see your order has been "canceled."

News is spreading over today's announcement by to discontinue their offer of a 17" tall Cloverfield Action Figure!

What do Cloverfield fans have left to show for the love of the monster? Ticket stubs? A Slusho! t-shirt? A copy of the DVD? Pissed off friends?

There's not much that can be done.
Hasbro has canceled the doll; and none of us are out any money.

All we can hope for is there to be a sequel to the original film.
(And, maybe Hasbro - or, some other company - will come around and offer the toy for real next time!)

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RasGold said...


After getting sooo frustrated, and posting my disdain publicly: I got this e-mail from

Dear Rxxxxx Sxxxxxxxx,

You were incorrectly sent an email recently stating that your order #886160 for the Cloverfield figure was cancelled.

The email should have notified you that, due to a production delay, the anticipated arrival date for this item is December 13, 2008.

Your order will been reinstated.

Should it be an omen that canceled is spelt wrong?