Monday, December 15, 2008

FINALLY, a Crow remake!

Good news everyone!! Variety has said that;

"Stephen Norrington has signed on to write and direct a reinvention of “The Crow,” based on the comic created by James O’Barr."

"For Norrington, “The Crow” deal marks the end of a long screen sabbatical. After making his breakthrough with the Marvel Comics hero “Blade,” Norrington took on a big-budget comic transfer with “The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.” Neither the director nor his star, Sean Connery, has made a film since"

It's good they are FINALLY doing a remake of The Crow.

Not to be confused with;
The Crow: City of Angels
The Crow: Stairway to Heaven
The Crow: Salvation
The Crow: Wicked Prayer
or Wings of the Crow

Or the lesser known fan films;
The Crow: First Born
The Crow: From Lust to Dust
The Crow: Rebirth
The Crow: Dark Harvest
The Crow: Purgatory
The Crow: Devil's Night
or The Crow: Vengeance

May we just say, it's about time someone took a chance and worked on a sequel to the original.

I can only hope that they will bring back former The Crow's as cameos. Who could forget the Chairman of Iron Chef America as Eric Draven on TV, The Kid from terminator 2 as Johnny Cuervo, and Tara Reid as Tara Reid with a shirt on?

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