Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Mortal Kombat:Rebirth

Sure it's not a real movie, but aren't those sometimes the best movies? With the epic line of unsatisfactory remakes and rebirths and reimaginings coming into theaters(see The Wolfman, Robin Hood, Get Him to the Greek) it's nice to see a short film actually do justice to the franchise. Just look, the best Batman film is Dead End, and the best LotR is The Hunt for Gollum. Now, we get this.

We're back Bitches!

So what. We've taken 6 months off. Now we are trying to reinvigorate the website before we completely retrofit this golf cart and turn it into a beautiful butterfly.

We also plan to learn how to properly use a metaphor.

As our return we bring you a former fat man with bad teeth and poor acting skills who turned into a still-not-skinny yet smaller than John Popper man with bad teeth playing a thin man with an Asian. It's Green Hornet time!